Saturday, June 22, 2013

Northern Flicker Youth at Nest Hole

Northern Flicker Youth at Nest Hole

Young flickers are brooded by the male for the first three weeks. By 17 or 18 days the young will feed from the nest hole. Two days ago, June 20th, the day of the flood, was the first time I saw a young flicker at the nest hole, and today was the first time I heard the young bird.

Today, I heard this young flicker from quite a distance, well before I was close enough to see the nest tree. The bird repeated a nestling feeding call (eBird Macaulay Library) about once every few minutes. The parents were not in sight.

This photo shows the young flicker mid-call.

About a week after starting to feed at the nest hole, or by 25 to 28 days of age, a young flicker is ready to leave the nest. This flicker seems ready to go.


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