Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bank Swallow Versus Barn Swallow

Bank Swallow Versus Barn Swallow

Most of the Alberta swallows can be seen during my hikes. The Tree Swallows live in boxes along Glenmore. The Bank and Rough-winged live in holes in the banks of the Elbow River. The Barn Swallow sometimes nests in the rafters of the Elbow Valley Constructed Wetland Information Shelter. I saw the Violet-green once this year flying with some Tree Swallows over the Elbow.

During my hike on June 12, 2013 I saw swallows on a communications wire close to the wetlands. Once closer, the forked-tail confirmed the birds as Barn Swallows.

The sun was great and while I photographed the Barn Swallows a Bank Swallow arrived to perch on the same wire. The photographs below show the response of the Barn Swallow.

This photograph shows the white tail band of the Barn Swallow very well. Looks like the Bank Swallow had second thoughts about landing. Notice the eyes of the Bank Swallow are locked on the Barn Swallow even as the bird twists away in flight. 

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