Monday, June 17, 2013

Common Merganser Chick

Common Merganser Chick - Mergus merganser

A mother Common Merganser and her solitary chick have been in the area for the last three days.  On June 15th and 16th I saw the pair around Kingfisher Island and today they were downstream at Goose Bend.
I heard the mother before I saw her. I was in the brush along Curly Creek and I heard the Common Merganser alarm call (Cornell eBird Macaulay Library Master Set). When I reached a vantage point to see the river, I saw the mother swimming fast and purposefully downstream. About 20 meters ahead I saw the chick feeding in the shallower waters off Goose Bend.

Once the mother was united with the chick they swam together downstream to the East and Mom found a safe harbor under some grass hanging over the river.

On the first day I saw this pair, the chick climbed up on the Mother's back and enjoyed a ride downstream.

The Common Merganser is single brooded and there are usually 7 to 14 eggs, and as many chicks. This year I have seem broods with five, five, and nine chicks. Something untoward must have happened to result in only one surviving chick.


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