Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Flicker Activity 

The flickers were very active on the first sunny day after several weeks of mostly rain. 

I usually pause about 20 meters from the nest hole tree and wait for awhile before I move on. On June 4 my patience was rewarded. The female left the nest and flew to an adjacent tree to the North. After a minute she flew back into the hole. A minute later she flew off again to the East. Perhaps she forgot something. I never had much chance for a photo. 
However, a minute later the male arrived at an adjacent tree behind me to the west. He relocated to a tree closer to the nest hole and posed for a variety of shots.
As I watched he relocated to the nest hole tree and he paused below the hole. I wondered if he was inquiring whether the female was in the hole. 

 He positioned himself over the entrance and looked in and around. 

 Finally he entered the nest hole. 
 Shows how deep the cavity must be. 
About an hour later I came back to the site and found the female enjoying the view. 
I phished a bit with some unusual sounds and she was very curious. 

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