Saturday, January 09, 2016

Tracking Snowshoe Hare

Snowshoe Hare - Lepus americanus - are common in my neighborhood. At dawn I often see an urban hare hopping down the road after a night of browsing the residential gardens. Many, however continue to live a rural life in the forests behind my home.
The photo above shows the classic print pattern of a larger Snowshoe Hare moving along at a good pace. The larger prints are the hind legs and the smaller prints are the front legs.
The photos above and below show a smaller Snowshoe Hare that is moving slower and has put both front paws in the same spot. The photo below shows a good imprint of the four toes in a hind paw.
The photo below shows some Snowshoe Hare poop between the hind legs. The hare stops, poops, moves along, poops again, and so on. I often see long trails of single poops. Hop, Stop, Plop. 
The photo below shows more pellets and also the yellow stain and hole created by body temperature urine. There are lots of prints in this location. The hare stopped long enough for a poop and a pee. This location might be a daytime resting location.

Naughton, Donna. The Natural History of Canadian Mammals. University of Toronto Press. 2012.

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