Saturday, November 28, 2015

Grizzly Bear Poop

Bears are omnivores and berries form a substantial part of their diet, especially in the late summer and autumn.

While hiking along the Shadow Lake Trail in early September, we came across bear poop filled with seasonal berries. The photos below show the bear scat.

The poop was definitely fresh and we had been advised by other hikers that a Grizzly was in the area, but we saw no other signs of the bear. There were lots of hikers that day and likely the bear had used the trail the prior night or earlier in that morning.

Below is what the poop looks like once time has passed. The poop in the photo below was taken in October and was likely weeks or even more than a month old. 

1. Naughton, Donna. The Natural History of Canadian Mammals. University of Toronto Press. 2012.

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