Monday, July 29, 2013

Playing Hide and Seek with a Common Yellowthroat

Playing Hide and Seek with a Common Yellowthroat -
Geothlypis trichias

Walking back along Blackbird Marsh, I heard a call that was not familiar. The bird was in a stand of bushes about three meters high, and within ten meters of my position. So, I moved to a position with the sun a bit behind me and stood still.

Most birds will not remain close to a human and will move off in their own cautious way to a more distant and safer spot. This bird did not, so I knew my patience was likely to be rewarded.
When I saw the leaves in the middle of the bush move, I raised my camera and was rewarded with some glimpses of a male Common Yellowthroat. 
Sibley describes these birds as "a rather secretive denizen of marshy or brushy vegetation," but I often find yellowthroats moving from one bush to another, oblivious to me while feeding with a mission, or singing in springtime from the outside branch of a tree.


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