Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Silly Goose

Silly Goose

Weed Lake, the wetland preserve by Langdon, Alberta is a common birdwatching location. The access is off a major country highway, there is room for one car to park by the side of the road, and a constructed peninsula leads to a circular viewing area about 25 meters in diameter. 

On April 28, 2013 I stopped off to look for new arrivals and to my surprise, a goose was nesting to the right of the 6 meter wide pathway. The mother hissed and relocated to the water. The male arrived to offer moral support. I carried on to the viewing area and ten minutes later walked back, this time as far away from the nest as possible. The mother relocated again and I took a photo. 
Why would this goose choose this site? Weed Lake has foot traffic multiple times every day at this site. Silly Goose.

I returned to the site on May 4th and the goose was still nesting.  


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