Saturday, March 17, 2007

Where the Primal Pebble Fell

This tenderness, this mental caress,
Is for your mothers;
But also for mine, for you, and for all your children.

This shudder in my soul,
This tiny touch point;
Is the reason why.

What joy! This growing sense
With who and why, and especially
With They, who breathe; that so may I.

Visualize my grandmothers and your grandchildren
In such a space and time;
And you will know yourself and why.

We miss our image in the crowded mirror,
Till distracting dreams and fears disolve,
To leave the truth for us to show.

We stumble by the reason why,
Till humble vision shows us guides;
The salmon and the geese who know.

How marvellous! This homeward flow,
This autumn-life-experience;
To spring of fresh found innocence.

But neither back nor in a circle go;
But rather through the timeless ripples,
To the pebble's primal glow.

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