Monday, January 29, 2007

Monte Carlo

I don't gamble, but if you do, this is the casino. Posh.
On the water and next door to one of the world's most exclusive hotels in the world. Couldn't be that exclusive. They let me in.
There were more luxury cars parked on the curb on any one evening than Calgary likely has within the city during any one year.

My Maserati was illegally parked, but when you have that kind of money, the police don't tow and don't ticket.

Vasarely by the sea. I worried that I arrived at the wrong sun time for this picture. But, I think his bold geometric shapes compensate for the sun, and might well do so at any time of the day, and likely he knew that.

My first recollection of Monte Carlo was the Grand Prix. I am still a boy at heart. This is one of the hair pin turns thru the city.

Up on the hill where the royal family live, this old turret survives to watch over the harbor. Imagine the ships that have sailed under the watchful eye of these old bricks?

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